Dana Minney has coached entrepreneurs, CEO’s and high-level business people for the last 12 years. She helps teams and individuals accomplish more . . . with more fun . . . by improving how people think and relate to one another. Her spirit of warmth and knowledge of game theory bring accountability and connection to any group or organization, even a family! Dana has been raising her twin 9-year-old boys while she expands her coaching practice with the same tools she uses in her work.

Now Dana is offering parent classes as well. Her skills didn’t come from a book, but rather from the book of love that she shares with her boys. She explains her skills and methods in her recently published book, The One Minute Parent, and in her webinars and seminars on ‘How to Coach Your Kids’.

In her spare time, Dana has created a program at her sons’ elementary school that encourages families to play and learn together about health. This program was recently written up in a national magazine as a model for family engagement and healthy lifestyles and was awarded a grant.

You can reach Dana at Dana@danasmycoach.com She loves to talk with parents and educators on how to make home and school socially, emotionally and physically safe for our kids through play and coaching.

Dana’s passion for creativity and advocacy for children comes from her father, a professional artist and her mother a career teacher who holds a Masters Degree in Education.

She continuously seeks to improve her skills, in pursuit of her personal best. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and in Communication Studies from UC Santa Barbara. Dana also has a graduate degree in Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Sage University.

Contact details

E: dana@danasmycoach.com
W: danasmycoach.com
T: 001 917 213 6143
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